My 8-pin PCI adaptor for my GTX 760 super clocked isn't going in, should I apply allot of pressure or ask for a new adapter?

Just got my 2GB EVGA Geforce GTX 760 SuperClocked, I want to install it, got it in place, went to plug in the 6-pin and 8-pin adapters, but the 8-pin isn't going in. The 6-pin went in easy, the 8-pin nearly tore off skin trying to get it in. So I checked the port. None of the prongs are bent inside the GPU power slot, However the pin receivers inside the adapter does look slightly miss-aligned. Would that really be the problem, if so what else should I do.
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    Ask for a new adaptor. Just don't force it in, or you'll have no card at all.
  2. I'd like to see pics, but a bunch of force is not where I would go with this.

    This is a straightforward peg vs hole thing. Look very closely at both connection points. Aligning the metal pins/receptacles my do the trick, but there could be something with the plastic parts too.

    Take your time. Look closely.
  3. Agreed, best to be safe. Think if I don't run optimized, I can see how the machine handles on just the 6-pin?
  4. Yeah I've double checked the 8-pin shape configuration. (squares, curved top squares, and conjoined squares).
  5. I would not run on a single connector.

    Try aligning the insides. See if you can feel what part is causing the resistance. (Inside, outside, one side or the other etc.)
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