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My nice laptop died the other day after just 2 years, so I had to rush out and buy a cheap one from Toshiba. Consequently, I now have Windows 8... It's been fine-ish, but tonight I'm having trouble with the network. It's been fine on the networks I've tried so far until I got to campus tonight. Now it connects, but claims I have no internet connection. Thing is, I'm posting this from the computer on the campus internet... all while watching a movie on Netflix... It wouldn't be an issue, but I needed to open up the Office trial so I can edit a document for a project. It claims I have no internet though, and so does this "app store" thing. I can see this being a massive irritation for the next few years... Any way to fix it?

Other question is, back on my Lenovo I had Windows 7 with Office Starter. Found out they did away with that, but it was everything I needed and honestly that $130 price tag is a little unreachable after spending $1400 just on laptops in 2 years. Is there some stripped down version for Windows 8 that I'm missing, or perhaps a very compatible free option somewhere (Open Office, but with better compatibility. Bad thing about college is that if you don't use exactly what the school and professors use, they can't figure out what to do with it and most of the documents they send won't work for you either. Not to mention interfacing with school computers etc...).

Not a fan of this new "app" generation we're in.
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    Maybe try LibreOffice. The successor to OpenOffice.
  2. Well, apparently it was an issue with this network. It suddenly started working about a minute ago... Not exactly sure why, but we'll see if it sticks.

    I'll also check out LibreOffice. Thanks!
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