Is using a VGA cable to connect my PC to a plasma TV any good?

I have a dual monitor setup right now and I want to have a Plasma TV be my third. My Pc monitor is hooked up with a DVI cable, my little LCD Tv is hooked up with HDMI. Will it look good on the plasma? I can't really hook up the screens any other way. Video card only outputs 1 vga, dvi, and hdmi.
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    Might I ask what GPU you are using? Note that a majority will only allow a third monitor under DisplayPort.

    As for the question, you probably won't even notice a difference but that also really depends on the TV's resolution and quality. Plasma is rather strange in one can look amazing via VGA/DVI and then it's twin brother looks like a retarded chimp.

    The best bet is to simply try it out and see, I don't think you can really get a solid answer in regards to the question due to the way Plasma can differ on signals.
  2. It's a 7870, and the Plasma is a 50" 1080p Samsung. Yup, guess we'll just try and see. I could always just axe the 24" and use HDMI on the plasma if I had too. It would just be there for desktop space and for bragging about a triple monitor setup anyway lol, has the worst picture quality of the 3.
  3. If the plasma TV is HD 1080p or lower, VGA will be fine.
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