Problems with Lenovo G500 - Not sure if Windows or the system itself


So I got this new computer (my first non-refurbished computer ever) back in August of this year, and everything was perfect -- blazing fast speed, no glitches or imperfections. I treat the laptop, a Lenovo G500, better than I treat myself (never been dropped, never slammed it down or harshly closed the lid, held it carefully, etc.) and it was working fine up until about the beginning of November. My web browsers -- no matter which one I used, be it Firefox or IE10 -- would close after I had them open for maybe 10 or so minutes. I thought maybe I somehow got a virus (although I had been very good with this laptop) and downloaded Malewarebytes, which picked up nothing (both full and quick scan). Seeing that my warranty lasts for a year, I called Lenovo who in short told me that my warranty didn't cover this sort of thing, and I was going to have to pay $179 for some guy to remotely assist me. No way I was going to do that. So I ran a disk check and after doing so (and it getting stuck on 27% for about an hour) the problem ceased.

After a week or so, however, a new error came to my attention. At random, IE10 would pull up a Webpage error which says, "webpage error - would you like to debug this page?" I always hit no and click "please don't show me this again." But it keeps occurring at strange intervals. This doesn't happen on Firefox, but Firefox says I need to download the latest version of Flash in order to view videos when I already have it.

Back to IE10 -- Sometimes images will not show up, nor will video on any kind of site. And also it will not let me download anything. I always get a message about the security settings not letting me download these programs. And they're harmless programs -- Skype, ITunes, Google Chrome, etc. This problem happens in IE10 and I've tried looking it up and doing what everyone else says, and it still comes up with the same issue. I've restored all defaults, basically uninstalling it and reinstalling it, and it remains the same. And I can't download anything on Firefox; it just saves the download file as a binary file, which doesn't ever appear once I save it.

So what should I do? I'm still technically under warranty but Lenovo isn't going to buy me a new computer, hah. Is this Windows, or something else? I can't tell. Please help ):
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  1. First try System File Checker
    Winkey plus 'X'
    Choose Command Prompt (Admin)
    Type sfc /scannow then Enter

    Also check out your Hard Drive
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