Windows 8 Can't Connect To Home Server

Hey Guys im at my wits end with this issue and have scoured the internet to try and find a fix and nothing has worked. Everytime I use the http://"Servername"/connect to install the software on my windows 8 PC i get the error

Iv'e tried everything. A fresh install, Port forwarding my router, Making sure UPNP is enabled on it, The Microsoft fix of deleting registies seen here: Link (Althou i dont have the registry "PendingFileRenameOperations" Mine is simply "FileRenameOperations") I can see the server on my network locations as well as can Remote connect to it. I just cant get the software installed so i can back up. Im at a loss can anyone help?


Im running Windows 8.1 on the client side and the server is running Windows Home Server 2011
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    HA! Got it! Anyone else having this issue try uninstalling Intel Smart Connect. Little bugger!
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