FX8320 + 650TiBoost2GB or FX6300 + R9270x gaming?

Which one of above two combo is better? I will mostly do gaming..and i won't overclock anything..and both combos are about the same price here in suggest me which one is better for gaming...keep future in mind..i won't be able to upgrade anything for few years.
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  1. Fx 6300 better yes
  2. Yea I would go for the fx6300. The 8320 is a good CPU but if you just plan on gaming I would go with the 6300.
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    Get the FX 8320 and the 7870 and win both ways.
  4. 6300+amd 270x is best bet here sir
  5. 6300 and R9 270x will give you higher fps in games. What more do you need?
  6. Getting a FX8320 over FX6300 will only benefit heavily multi-threaded games. Getting a better GPU will benefit more games.
  7. I agrees yes
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