Best IPS display for editing/gaming

I'm a videographer/graphic designer and I plan to make a monitor purchase that will provide me with excellent color and depth. And a decent gaming experience.
I know gaming monitors are pretty different from pro monitors. But whats the best middle ground?

In research I found this

Seems to fit the bill, And I love it for its 'frame-less" design. But I want a higher resolution. more of a 2.5k (1440) resolution.

I tried some research but. Couldnt find any jackpot posts.
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  1. A professional 1440p panel at that budget? You're asking for too much.
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    I have the Asus PB278Q and I think its a terrific monitor. Technically it's a PLS panel but it's basically the same thing as IPS. It doesn't come pre-calibrated but if you're serious about color reproduction then you almost certainly have your own calibrator anyway. Response time and input lag are low enough that I can play BF4 without feeling like I'm at a serious disadvantage.

    Asus also just released the PA279Q, another WQHD monitor in their line of "professional" monitors which does come pre-calibrated. It's $300 more expensive than the PB278Q. It also has a slightly higher response time (6 ms) and uses an AH-IPS panel.
  3. huilun02 said:
    A professional 1440p panel at that budget? You're asking for too much.

    Lol.. I didnt exactly post a budget. My budget is pretty loose. ;)
    But like I said. My research has only pointed to this monitor, Great aesthetic design, good specs (so it seems) and a low price cant hurt lol.
  4. Thank you Guys. So that PB278Q monitor seems to be the one to get! Although it isn't as pretty on the design I cant argue with what it delivers.
    I may need to find some connections amongst friends to get a hold of a calibrator. The price difference of 300 dollars for practically the same thing besides calibration just isnt smart..
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