Motherboard for i7 4930K?

I recently bought an msi z77A-G45 motherboard with the hope to use it with an i5, but I got a sweet deal on an i7 4930K.. the question is can I use this motherboard with this CPU, if not.. what do you recommend?? Thank you!!
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    No you can't. The 4930k is an LGA2011 socket chip, which means it requires an X79 motherboard.

    I have the Asus P9X79 Pro which has been working for me really well.
  2. nope your gonna need a new mobo, sockets arent need a LGA 2011's X79 based chipset.
  3. yeah I guess I'm gonna have to spend another 100 bucks and get me another motherboard, thank you for your fast responses
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