New R9 280x Graphics Card Installation help

I am first time builder and I just started installing a new home build systems. I have all the pieces put into the case, and I am able to boot up the system and see bios information when I connect monitor to the motherboard's VGA port. But when I try to connect to the video card, nothing shows up on screen.

I connected a 8pin PCI-E cable from the PSU to the video card. On the video card, when I connect using the 8 pin connector, the fans don't even run. When I connect using the 6pin connector, the fans run, but still no display on screen.

I have the following components:
Motherboard: Asus Z87 Pro
CPU: Interl I5-4670K
Graphics Card: Asus Direct CU II R9 280x
PSU: Rosewill Hive 750W

Help and pointers are greatly appreciated.
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  1. Have you properly seated the video card into the PCI-e slot? Did it "click" into place?

    Go look at youtube for instructions as they will show you rather than us just explaining it.
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    you need both the 6 and 8 pin connected at the same time!
    also set bios setting - init pcie graphics first.
  3. Just to make sure I am understanding.

    You have tried with both the 8pin and 6pin connected to your GPU at the same time? It sounds like you have tried with only one at a time.
  4. Thanks thanks, iam2thecrowe and jimthenagual. I've been following Youtube videos to install systems, but all they shoed was mini Graphics cards with one cable connections.

    One step at a time.
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