Asus VS247H vs Dell U2412M Ultra Sharp 24 Inch

please help me choose between this two monitors Asus VS247H -

Dell U2412M Ultra Sharp 24 -

note - asus is 50 $ less cost in my contry ... should i buy one of them our w8 for next year for new monitors ?
which of is better
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  1. Dell has the highest rating for their ultra series, that's why it's more expensive because you pay for the quality and build of it. But The Asus is still fine, I have the VS239H model, it's very easy to look at. I've compared them side by side, Dell wins but you pay more. But Asus is not bat at ALL!
  2. The Dell monitor uses an IPS panel, much better than the Asus one.

    And IPS means way better colors. There is no comparison.
  3. so i should get the Dell U2412m ? it only cost me in like 270 $ in India (my contry).... and on other hand asus cost like 240 $ >

    asus are way more expensive in Asia
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    I'd grab the IPS panel if it was only $30 more.
  5. Yea, if the price diff is minimal and you can afford it, go for the ultra series. You won't regret with either monitor IMHO. But if you want the best, then the ultra series of dell. I got the Asus one because it's about $100 cheaper here, so yea.
  6. okay thanks guys i think i go with Dell Ultra u2412m , best Answer is both of you guys > which one i should select , your both review help me .... can i select both us the solution ? :D

    well my prob is solve Tomshardware .. for helping
  7. Sure bro!
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