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Hi, i have a win 8 asus s500 laptop. this morning, i found that my microsoft office cant be used (it doesnt work, i cant open any word doc or ppt), so i uninstalled it. after uninstalled, the system asked to reboot my laptop, then i clicked "ok". then, my laptop cant be started up, just a blank black screen with a cursor. i hv no idea how to fix it. please guide me to fix it. tq
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  1. These are the classic symptoms of a failed Hard Drive. Try entering your System BIOS (Setup) and look for a Hard Drive test.
    If none found, you will need access to another machine to download and run Seatools to create a bootable disk to check your Drive.
    If it's not your drive at fault, either reset your Laptop to Factory Settings (Asus usually F11 at Power On) or use another machine running Win 8 to create a Recovery Disk.
    Create Recovery
    1. Repair Disk
    2. System Image
    This can be achieved by typing 'Recovery' at your Start Screen, and from Settings choose Windows 7 File Recovery for either a Repair Disk or System Image. Ideally create on USB Flash drives (Too many failures on DVDs!)
    Having glanced at the Manual
    I don't think you have a Recovery Partition, it looks as if F9 is relied on to bring up Troubleshooting, which is fine if Windows runs, useless otherwise. Meanwhile if you created a Recovery disk and a System Image as recommended use these to recover your OS. If not, you need to download Win 8 from
    and create an installation disk. Of course, RMA your Laptop if it is less than a year old...and I'm aware that you have an SSD cache that will complicate matters if it fails!
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