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Internet Explorer.....does it ever work

Last response: in Windows 7
November 24, 2013 3:08:29 AM

I have a problem internet explorer it wont load anything, the page stays white. I cant even click the settings there all locked and un clickable. Luckily enough I was able to download a windows version of chrome on my phone and transfer to my laptop. Which is brand new.
I am a web design student so you can see my fustration when a new laptop doesn't run the all ready installed software properly.
It makes me wonder why they keep making IE when chrome and firefox and more reliable.

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a b $ Windows 7
November 24, 2013 4:17:54 AM

Click Start,
type "internet options"
Go to the Advanced tab at the end
Click Reset at the bottom

This will restore it back to factory

March 1, 2014 1:04:56 AM

I suggest you download the windows cleaner to clean up: (if not don't happen very often, if the browser is not open, suggest the error message system restore or re install IE or exchange other browser to enter the games may be conflict game browser, some mistakes, some sites for some sites or lack of plug-ins or browser)
This suggests: "IEXPLORE.EXE application error".
The general is not compatible with the computer software and plug-in system. The solution is as follows:
1, you recall, when you appear this kind of fault before you download the software or plug-ins. If you think they uninstall troubleshooting, software or plug-ins. You download and install again, if the fault is still, that is an error in the software or plug-in will no longer be available.
2, open the IE selection tool / manage add ons ", in which there is no download the plug-in before failure occurs, if set to disable. You can download super rabbit, it can help you clear the IE add in is not compatible or malicious plug-in, the observed after cleaning, the fault does not exclude, if you do not exclude their own set of IE plug-ins ban (don't have to worry about the election project may also be enabled at any time) restart your computer, observe the effect after the Internet without effect of the problem here, you are a slow recovery in the process, the IE plug-in, the day and the failure recovery IE card has a problem, it is set to completely disable.
3, if the fault is still present, restore the system comes with the system restore fault, no repair (normal mode restore failed, please press F8 to enter safe mode to start the system restore).
4, if the malfunction persists, reinstall the operating system recommended.
5 the IE is damaged, please download super rabbit to re install the IE browser in her option in the options, please reinstall or repair IE.
Or change the Firefox or Opera to try, these are not the IE kernel.