Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare crashes after installing patch 1.6 and 1.7

So i was gonna play multiplayer with all of my friends and then i discovered that i need patch 1.7 to connect to them (I was connecting through a software called "GameRanger"). I installed those patches and then tried starting multiplayer but then it didn't start! there was no error message either but just a command prompt like window popped up for a split second and then went i was wandering if anyone could help me. If you know anything like that then please reply.

P.S : Not only me but all of my friends who tried this had this problem also i'm using a cracked version of CoD 4
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    simple fix, don't use the cracked version of CoD4
  2. that's not possible cuz in my country and my'd be hard to find an original CoD4 game....
  3. I guess you are out of luck. Probably for some reason they don't like people playing their games without paying.
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