Core i7 2600K Build, suggestions please?

Hey all I would like to build a desktop around the
Core i7 2600K (which it looks like I can get for under 200). I don't need a monitor, and since I don't game I won't need a separate graphics card am I right on that ? b/c the cpu has integrated graphics Intel hd 3000 (no extra gpu needed) ?
But I am new to building and wanted to ask what is the cheapest way, while retaining the integrity of the whole unit and making sure the cpu is not slowed down. I will be watching full hd movies and working with Microsoft publisher, and have 20-30 open internet windows open at one time but the 2600k can handle all of that right? Now in this build I don't need any extra features just the basics to make sure everything runs smoothly. With some cursory bargain hunting, my preliminary research has pointed to the fact we can do it for under 600 (again, excluding monitor, and gpu) Any suggestions on what to build this thing with? It would be nice to get 500mb memory and 8g ddr3 ram however... could I get a list from everyone of building this from scratch around the Core i7 2600K? Thanks in advance for giving me some ideas (don't worry I will have technical help putting it physically together!)
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  1. if you are planning on overclocking, go for a Z77 motherboard, if not, then any socket 1155 motherboard will probably fit your needs. Just make sure the motherboard supports the onboard graphics of the cpu (video outputs on the motherboard rear panel). What exactly do you plan on using this for?
  2. here is what you would need parts-wise:

    CPU - Intel i7 2600K (you already have/decided upon......will you be overclocking?)
    CPU Cooler (use stock one if not overclocking, if overclocking then will need a better one)
    Motherboard (depends on whether you plan to overclock)
    RAM (I would recommend 8GB but maybe 16GB with everything you plan on having going at once)
    SSD/HDD (SSD will speed up boot times but add some cost; HDD will be for data storage)
    Optical drive (will you be watching DVD's? any Blu-ray?)
    Power Supply (one of the last things to pick based upon the system build)
    Case (will depend on what will be installed)
    Keyboard/Mouse (Do you already have?)
    Speakers/Headphone (do you have/want/need?)

    let me know the answers and I'll put together a few suggestions)
  3. Thanks much animal, I really appreciate your time. If you can do it for under 600 you will be a hero. So to answer:
    -yes I do want to overclock
    -don't need ssd (save money right?) but will the standard hdd slow down the
    cpu? If not let's go standard (but not hitachi)
    -motherboard needs to be able to overclock and make use of integrated
    graphics card (then i wont need a separate gpu correct? HD movies will still look good w/o?)
    -yes dvd watching, would like to burn regular cds as well
    -power supply can be economical
    -case can be economical
    -would like a headphone jack to the computer to plug in external speakers
    and a microphone jack.
    --already have a mouse I can just plug it in right?
    I can just plug the monitor in via hdmi yes?

    Thanks again !
  4. i will try and put together a build for you, a few comments/questions though:

    oc'ing, no problem,will work it into build

    ssd not necessary

    will make sure mobo has hdmi output

    no GPU needed for your intended puposes

    do you plan on watching blu-ray dvds?

    most cases come wth front port headphone/microphone jacks, speakers will connect to the rear of the case at the mobo audio output port(s)

    what type of mouse connection does it use, USB or PS2 style?

    I'll try and put a list together for you, where do you pln on buying/ordering your parts from?
  5. Thanks so much for this

    -I will buy online from whatever place you find these parts for the cheapest ! It's fine if I have to use multiple sites, quality but low price is what's important.

    -No blue ray (just dvd capable is fine with CDR and playback / burn capability)

    -usb mouse port please

    -and will there will be a couple usb 3.0, yes?

    -things will play in HD automatically b/c the cpu has intel hd 3000, yes?

    -So the lack of a dedicated gpu won't slow down the processor I believe you, but I guess there is a debate on both sides I have read... but i will not be gaming or photo editing so....
  6. since you are not doing GPU intensive things such as gaming or video editing, no GPU is necesary, it would only add cost (for it and a larger PSU to operate it)

    I'm working on a build as we speak :)
  7. You are spectacular animal, 5 stars friend. We are almost there.
    so that mob will tap into the integrated graphics and also allow overclocking? price /brand looks to good to be true!

    Will that mob also work with a i5330 quadcore?

    So is this all we need to build this thing ?
  8. Hi Animal, also in my research there are some bundle deals which give you a deal if you get the 2600k with a
    ASRock Z77 Extreme3 LGA 1155. Will this mob be compatible with all the parts you graciously put in the shopping cart for me? Will it be able to to into the integrated graphics and allow overclocking?
  9. Best answer
    hi jdavid333, sorry it took so long to get back to you. not sure which cpu you were asking about (i5330?) i think you may have dropped/lost a number in it, so not sure. The motherboard I listed is a socket 1155. As long as the cpu you choose is a 2nd or 3rd gen one (both are socket 1155 cpus) the mobo will work.

    The AsRock Z77 Extreme3 has an hdmi video output on it, is a socket 1155 mobo, so it will work for you as well (using the integrated graphics). It will also allow oc'ing.

    As far as that being everything you would need, there is one more thing, you will need an OS (win7 or win 8). The basic OEM version of each should be available for under $100 (you would need one or the other version, not both)
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