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Budget: Please read requirements below. I believe I can get these things for around 700 pounds?

I always buy price performance components. I always buy Intel CPU and Radeon Graphics. At the moment I am open to experiment with nVIDIA too.

Recently I moved to UK, so I am buying this new gaming PC for here. Computer I have at home is:

i5 3570k @ 4.3GHz - ASRock Z77 Pro4 - G.Skill 16GB DDR3 - Radeon 4850
I330 120GB SSD - F3 Spinpoint 2TB - Arkangel 850W

Radeon 4850 was such a good investment in 2008, I am impressed at how good that GPU is. Anyway components like CPU, MB, RAM and SSD were bought last year as an upgrade for Video editing and modeling.
I am writing this to show you at what range I am wishing to spend my money at the moment.

I work a lot so I didn't have time to research for successors of i5 3570k, z77 chipset etc.

What I am looking for at the moment is:

CPU: i7 4770K (or is there any direct successor for 3570k i5 CPU, like newest chip from intel?).
CPU cooler: some OK and quiet. I have Mugen Scythe at home, one of the best coolers ever.
MB: Some OK motherboard z87(or which one is newest chipset?) chipset for around 100-120 pounds, with good overclocking(not hardcore ocing) power supply architecture.
RAM: Something 16gb ddr3(maybe g.skill again or crucial, cellshock,...)
GPU: Very good value performance successor to my 4850 is 7850 at the moment, if we are talking about price, but I was looking at XFX 7950 or nVIDIA 660GTX. What say you here? I am not afraid to invest money for 7950 or 660gtx if its worth.
HDD: some SSD(128gb or 256gb) and 1TB HDD.
Power supply: whatever i need for this specification + to be quiet. For example my arkangel 850w is baby quiet.
PC CASE: Very important thing is space here. I always made a mistake with: didn't buy case with easy HDD installation access, and small room for motherboard. So I was looking at coolermaster HAF 922 or something similar now.

PC will be used for gaming, adobe creative suite, 3d modeling, web development etc.
Overclocking: in future some mild overclocking on cpu(i mean who doesn't overclock at least a little bit :P)

PS should I wait for this Black Friday offers or Christmas offers? What is the best alternative to newegg here in UK?

Thanks a lot guys.
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  1. i7 "k", + 16GB RAM, + SSD, + GPU, + Z87MB all of that and other parts for 700 pounds is almost impossible. Only the CPU, MB, Storage, and PSU will set you 700 pounds and you don't have enough for RAM, Cooling, DVD/RW, OS and Case
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