Will this Power Supply work in my Country?

I live in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE) and i ordered

this along with PC parts, as for the ADAPTER for the wall, i have that but what about the voltage Im not sure what it is here but can you check and let me know if it will work?

This too

That one is for my bro...

will the work??
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  1. They both have active PFC but do i need a new one of these?

    cause i have one of those from a monitor..will that work or do i need a "Stronger" cable?
  2. anonymous1 said:
    you should be good to go.

    Do i need a new WALL ADAPTER? Like the part of the PSU that goes in the wall? Like

    Cause thats how the walls are here...will that work? I have one from my monitor but is that strong enough or that power part doesnt matter?
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    You will just need a cord like the one you posted. :D
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    You will just need a cord like the one you posted.

    Good! :D But i have on EXACTLY like that from my monitor ( of colurse i need it for my monitor) but ill buy one. Does that cable have to have an amount if voltage it can support or that doesnt matter?
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