Asus z87 deluxe motherboard boot issue... Code 71, VGA_LED on

Hi guys, thought I'd try asking my question here... I tried in the Asus forums with no replies.

My Asus Z87 is having boot issues. The PC boots properly at times but after 1-3 days of running, it just "shuts off" and restarts to qcode 71 with the VGA_LED on solid. If I power on and try enough times, eventually it will post again and be fine for 1-3 days.

I've tried removing the video card, booting with only essential components, etc but the issue is still happening.

Any suggestions or is this a mobo RMA?

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  1. Do you have the latest BIOS? and the latest mobo drivers? Might also want to run Memtest on each stick, (maybe 4-5 passes), that would be for starters, if not a BIOS or driver issue then maybe a stick of DRAM going bad or possibly PSU
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