Is this a good first time gaming build?

I am new to building computers and I want to know if this would be a good gaming build under $850 I want to play games like Skyrim with mods, Battlefield 4 and Crysis 3 on high or ultra settings. Also is the 600w power supply overkill? Would a 500w be ok?
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    Just pirate a copy of windows 8, or wait for SteamOS ;) Instead of 6350 go for 6300 and overclock it, it will give less heat :D and do you really need to include a monitor? If yes just don't buy windows 8 at all and save 100 dollars, and invest in a better graphics card, and no, 600w isn't a overkill, if you upgrade your computer and you will probably.... those 100w will come in handy for 10 dollars more, hope this helps :D
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