GTX 770 2GB SLI vs. GTX 770 4GB SLI vs. GTX 780 3GB

Hi All,

I am a first time builder and was curious on your opinions of the following graphics set-up. Would the extra money for the 770 4GB SLI be worth it vs. the 770 2GB SLI? I was also playing with the idea of 780 3GB SLI, but can't afford it at the moment. I suppose I could go with one 780 3GB and add one later when prices drop. Thanks in advance for your opinions/suggestions/ideas!

Specs for anticipated build: PCPartPicker part list:
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    If nobody else comes back to help you, I'll make a more detailed post in a couple hours when I'm free... that being said, you could easily afford 780s in sli, because you are wasting hundreds of dollars in other parts of your build.

    Also, what monitor are you playing on? I see a lot of guys spend a stupid amount of money on their computer, and then hook it up to a single, 1080p, 60hz monitor, meaning they absolutely wasted all of that money. You really don't need more than a single 770 or 780 unless you're dealing with a 120 Hz or 1440p monitor.
  2. Thanks, DarkSable. I look forward to seeing what parts you recommend. My ignorance is shining through, which is what I expected. I plan on using 2 - 120 hz monitors, but didn't have them selected. I haven't narrowed the choices down yet. Any suggestions for those would be appreciated as well.

    FYI, my budget (not including monitors is $2000-$2250).
  3. Did you guys ever come up with a parts recommendation for this build?
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