2gb vs 4 b and next gen gaming question

So I have read a couple of threads here regarding 2gb vs 3 or 4 gb graphics adapters and it seems the consensus is that the extra v-ram is useless for present-day titles. For greater resolutions the gpu seems to stay the limiting factor in a graphics card, not v-ram.

But what about next year? Yes V ram supports high resolution, and it supports fancy post process effects like MSAA and so on. But doesn't Vram also limit things like poly counts, draw calls and total texture size?

I personally see next gen slowly expanding the number and complexity of objects on screen (thus upping draw-calls), higher polycounts, more characters on screen, and greater texture resolution in addition to clever new post-process effects. Most of these increases couldn't be done for games that also launched on gen7 consoles because it would require re-doing much of the art and annihilating the production budget. So PC games in gen7 enjoyed effects and post process over higher detail. Now with new consoles artists are free to up their detail for all platforms

Though I plan to play at 1900x1080 for the foreseeable future I have to wonder if expanding game detail is going to put greater strain on the Vram as the art in games gets more high fidelity. So while today 2gb is incredibly useful, I wonder if next July its going to be a bottle neck.

I am pondering purchasing a gtx 770 of some kind at the moment.

What thoughts do you guys have on this? I plan to get about 2 years or so of eye-candy rich gaming before its time for a new card.

Also, my prediction: Nvidia's upcoming new architecture is going to massively increase laptop and mobile performance but ends up with a mild gain on the desktop cards. I feel they are going to focus on reducing heat and power draw over sheer performance. I could wait to see what launches, but this is the tech market, the greatest thing yet is always 6 months away.

Mini rant ahead:
IMO we are long overdue for multi-core GPUS but maybe that is because they enjoy the much
more profitable arrangement of multi card set ups despite the fact they are much less efficient. I mean why sell you a multi core gpu die for the cost of a single-core they have now, when they can instead sell you 3 single core chips for 3 times as much?
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  1. im unshur if next year well need 4gigs of vram, but im pretty shur if u buy a gtx 760. 770 or a radeon 280x 3gigs ull be fine for more than a year.

    whats ur budget and country of origin?
  2. OH man that grammer, no offence intended, but man...

    But yah I'm hoping for less than $400 and USA.

    I'm also pondering just sitting out for a bit and see what the upcoming Nvida architecture holds. The whole 700 series smells like a warm over of the 600 series at best. Slightly faster, much higher power draw and heat.
  3. Best answer
    whats wrong with my grammar? im here to help not be judge on my writing second of all for a non english speaking person my grammar is quite decent.

    330$ best bet sir. best card atm.
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