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Hey, So i am setting up a home network that id like to be able to access from anywhere, (mostly from school for purpose of using visual studios and other software not able to be installed on school computers) the way i am set up right now is: verizon/actiontec GT784WN modem/router to running a 50 ft cat 6 up to a linksys wrt54gs broadband router, cat 5e to hp pavilion (main pc) p7 running windows 7 ultimate, toshiba satellite laptop hooked through wifi to the linksys, and the "server" (old computer with windows server 12 on it) will be connected through cat 5e(not set up yet). Im having trouble getting any connection to the pavilion, id like to stick to windows remote desktop if possible. but cant seem to get any connection. I made sure that remote was allowed and was allowed through the firewall, also tried changing the listening port to 3390 still no luck. anny suggestions?
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  1. As described, it sounds like you’re running through TWO firewalls; that of the Actiontec and the Linksys. Have you forwarded the necessary port(s) on both?

    Beware, that’s a double NAT, and that’s often troublesome for remote access purposes. You’d be better off eliminating the double NAT if at all possible. That means either placing the Actiontec in bridge mode (if it supports it) and letting the Linksys accept the public IP, or reconfiguring the Linksys as a simple AP and connected to the Actiontec LAN to LAN.
  2. The easy way! has a peer-to-peer channel for just this kind of problem. It's inexpensive and you can get a 1 month free trial. You need a separate account for each PC. One for your HP and one for your school PC. Run portdefender on your HP and get the IP address (ipconfig). It should be something like 10.192.24.x. From your school PC connect to the VPN and then connect to your HP with it's VPN IP address.

    sysadm -
    almost 12 usd best offerts
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