8320 vs 4570 when power consumption matters

So i am considering a new build and I am not sure which CPU to choose. My budget on CPU is around 8320 or if i pay a bit more (50$) towards my build I can get haswell 4570. I checked out other threads and it seems that 8320 would be better choice for me, but then i realized that you in the USA have much lower price per KWH and therefore you dont mind higher power consumption of 8320, but in my country price of KWH is around 0.22$. I plan to run this PC over 3 year period so I think Intel will pay for itself.

Computer usage:
1. Schoolwork (office,web...) and 1080p gaming (also will be hosting servers for friends)
2. Rendering videos (occasional, but may turn in to more often hobby)

So how much more will I pay for using 8320 and how are these CPUs compared in terms of performance for my usage?

Other PC parts: (silent optimized)
Fractal Design Define R4
Seasonic G 550W PSU
Samsung 840 EVO 120GB SSD
WD Caviar Green EZ 1TB HardDrive
Cruical Ballistix Sport 8GB 1600MHz (2x4GB)
MSI r9 270 (i am going to overclock it to speeds of 270x)
Arctic Freezer i30 (intel) / A30 (AMD)
i5 4570 / 8320
MSI G45 Z87 / ASUS m5a99fx EVO R2.0

Thanks for any kind of advice and I am sorry if I made any mistakes (still learning your language :)).
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  1. Your rational is only logical if you plan on running @100% load the entire life of the computer. KWH $ in Manhattan is similar, your appliances running for a short time cost more than a your PC for the entire month.

    Both are fast parts, you can't go wrong either way. I am partial to AMD for my home builds because everything at work is Intel and why not support the underdog to keep the market competitive. The FX is a beast for encoding BTW @ $150.

    Please don't take offense to this because I've said exactly the same thing. There is zero chance as a tinkerer/home builder you're going to use this PC unchanged for 3 years.
  2. the fx do draw more power under full load, but not in everyday tasks like office and web. if you render, it will pull some more power, but it will also faster finish and return in idle. i dont think that it will make that much difference after all.
  3. Ok, so if the power consumption doesnt matter and prices (including power consumtion)of these two builds are equal then FX would be better choice?
  4. Personally I go with the FX and spend the extra $ for the X version and overclock that card to approach to 280. You'll likely still be under the 4570 sticker, and have 8 cores for encoding/rendering. I'd possibly consider the 212 EVO or spending a little extra cash for a closed loop so you hit a nice high stable overclock with the 8320.

    Now just nit picking, either build is nice and you'll be happy. Both processors with that video card and SSD will give you a lighting fast computing experience.
  5. One more nit pick, not huge but worth considering. You may want to price within your budget a slightly higher wattage PS. 550w is enough for your current builds but if you decide to add a beefier video card, a bunch or drives, and various peripherals you're going to need to up the ante a bit for heavy load headroom. I personally went with nearly the same PS and had to completely disassemble when I wanted to step up my innards.
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