XMP Profile Voltage vs DRAM Voltage,which one counts?

Hey guys,so i have an i7 3770K and i have 4 moduls of kingston hyperx ram:khx2000c9ad3t1k2/4gx (2 2+2 Gb kit).They are 1.65V RAMs and as i heard that is bad for Ivy Bridge,so currenly they are running on 1333MHz at 1.5V.Now obviously that is a little low,and am not an expert at this so i'm not sure i could set the timing right manually,I have 2 XMP profiles:
• XMP Profile #1: D3-2000 CL9-11-9-27 @1.65V
• XMP Profile #2: D3-1866 CL9-11-9-27 @1.65V
What if I set my XMP Profile 2,and i manually set the DRAM voltage to 1.575V(That is the maximum 3770K can handle safely if i'm right).Now will this overwrite the 1.65V what was set in the XMP profile,but nothing else so it will run on 1866 Mhz with that timing or will the XMP profil overwrite this and my RAMS will run at 1.65V?
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    With the 3770K these are safe, might require a slight OC of the CPU to run at 1866 or 3000 but the 1.65 will be safe (most all IB builds I've made are with 1866 and up through 2666 DRAM and most all are 1.6 - 1.65 voltage - I have 32GB of 2400 on my IB w/ a 3570K ;)
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