Using existing HDD with old OS on in new computer running OS on SSD

I'm building a new computer this week and want to avoid spending more money than i already have. i will be installing the new OS (windows 7) on the 120GB SSD i have purchased with the components, but i want to keep my existing 1TB HDD from my old computer and so i can keep my Uni files, music and films, however the HDD contains the old OS (also windows 7). will there be a problem plugging it into the new PC?

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  1. Hi
    When you finish with the new OS over the SSD you can see the Old OS on the 1 TB HDD
    You Can delete the old OS and keep you data only.
    Just make sure you SSD is booting before HDD - you can`t avoid old OS to load from old HDD
    Also make sure you switch you BIOS - SATA mode to AHCI befor SSD OS install - you gain better performance in this mode
  2. There will be no problem if you connect the two Hard disk's together , but will be more good for the pc to delete the windows folder from the 1TB HDD you have. Because the system will load more faster if there is only one windows to load.And change your BIOS to boot from the SSD. I will be glad if I helped you.
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