Looking for a decent but cheap Motherboard for Intel I7 4820 CPU and a Heatsink to go aswell.

Hi Everyone,

I am thinking of upgrading from an AMD 8350 to a Intel I7 3820 but I am stuck on what motherboard to go for and a suitable CPU heatsink as non is supplied in the box.

The cheapest but unsure how good is the EXDISPLAY Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 Intel X79 Socket?

Your thoughts on the above Motherboard or think of one cheaper but better?
Would I be able to install my Amd Heatsink onto an I7 3820 or due to socket type it won't fit?


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  1. Sorry 4820 My bad lol.
  2. Can I ask why you are doing this? It is not that much of an upgrade, some would say a downgrade.
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