What graphics card should I buy.

I have a hp pavilion i got for super cheap. It has an i5 4430 and 8gigs of ram and a 300 watt psu, but no graphics card.
What would be a good graphics card to put in it with out having to upgrade the psu? Preferably under a 100$.
Or if there is a psu plus graphics card that combined would be better for under 100$ i might also be open to it.
Thanks in advanced!
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    7750 maybe.

    What is the purpose of adding a GPU? If you want to add one just to watch youtube videos or something, there's no point.
  2. Thank you for replying hapkido.
    I was planing to use it for light Gaming such as Borderlands 2. I understand it can play on my configuration as is, but I would like to make it run a little smoother if possible.
    When you say the 7750, which card are you referring to? I see at least 3 different cards with that name with 3 different brands
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