Correct ram speeds?

So I'm looking on Asus cpu-z trying to see what my ram speeds are at and I'm seeing 722.6 but my ram is supposed to be 1600. Is this correct?
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  1. Boot into your BIOS and look to see what it says in there. If both your BIOS and CPU-Z report that speed, then they are both correct.
    You may need to update your BIOS to use that particular type/kind of memory.
    Check with motherboard's support website to see if the RAM you have is "QVL" (that means certified to work in your motherboard, by your motherboard's manufacturer)
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    DOesn't sound like your DRAM is set correctly - if you have an Intel rig go into the BIOS in the advanced area and enable XMP and select Profile 1 - if it's an AMD Rig, look for DOCP, EOCP or XMP and use it to set the DRAM to 1600
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