HD7870 XT Tahiti or HD7950 and CPU bottleneck?


Ive seen a Club 3D HD 7870XT (Tahiti) for 130 GBP or an MSI 7950 for 180 you think it's worth the extra in cost vs performance?

I've recently read read in that the more RAM your graphics card has, the better, especially with the Next Gen games that will also be on PC in development, and all the steam boxes having at least 3gb video ram..... is this a reason to go for 7950? Will a 2GB card be much worse or limited in the near future?

I'm upgrading from a 6850 and use 1080p only.

Any other cards I should be looking at?

Will my CPU. Phenom x4 3.0Ghz OC'd to 3.6 Ghz 5 core be a bottleneck?

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    personally i would go for the 7950 for the extra GB of ram but pure power wise the 7870XT and 7950 are very close in performance.
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