HTPC/Gaming Build - Looking for ways to lower costs

I am trying to get a build list together for a media center system before the holidays and could use some help. I have seen a lot of builds and the majority of my parts list is from those builds.
The priorities are:
Media storage + playback
Modern pc gaming
Emulation (up to and including PCSX2 and Dolphin)
Quiet operation

I am also looking to minimize any overclocking, but I understand it will probably be needed.


1. Have I picked anything too out of whack for this system?
2. Are there any areas where I can save $ without too big of a performance hit?

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  1. looks good overall. however, what games are you trying to play? most modern games will want a beefier GPU. I'd try to go for a gtx 760

    that aside, get your CPU and mobo from Microcenter. they have nice bundle deals and you'd probably save $60 or so by doing that
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    for that price id go with a hd 7950 gpu and a cheaper cooler that one is overkill. the 7950 will save a little and uis still a great card.
  3. NormH said:
    for that price id go with a hd 7950 gpu and a cheaper cooler that one is overkill. the 7950 will save a little and uis still a great card.

    I agree. however, even as an AMD fan myself, I must admit that their cards run hotter and tend to be a bit louder because of this (even with aftermarket cooler, the same cooler would spin slower on the cooler Nvidia cards).

    But yeah, upto OP to decide if he wants to sacrifice a bit of performance or a bit of silence
  4. i usually have headphones on or game noise going so the difference doesnt bother me lol
  5. Right now, we don't play a lot of modern games. I definitely wanted the system to have that capability.
    I would lean toward quieter components if possible, which is where I got the recommendation for that CPU cooler.

    Alright, if I add the GTX760, it gives me this:

    Seem solid now?
  6. Very solid
  7. Alright, here is what I went with.

    I really just changed out the graphics card - trying to keep things quiet.

    I'm starting to build and had some questions.

    1. The Silverstone Case has a bracing bar right in the middle that would be a very tight fight over the graphics card. If I am not intending on stacking things on top of the case, is it absolutely needed?

    2. I have to run one of the fan wires most of the way across the board. It has to pass by the heat sink, the graphics card (circuit side), and the memory sticks. What should I avoid touching with the wire?

    3. The power supply is at most an 1/8" away from the edge of the motherboard. If they touch, is that an issue?

    Thanks again for any help you can give me.

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