Display driver stopped responding and has recovered.

I've been having this problem for 2 or so days now, I have posted several threads on the tech support subreddit with no responses that have helped. I'm going to paste what I have written there, once again, ANY help would be appreciated.

This is one of several threads I've posted about this, none of the answers I have received so far have helped, nothing has worked.

Links to previous threads:




What I've done so far:

>Updated to latest beta drivers from AMD

>Attempt to install DirectX(Internal system error.)

>System Restore

>Update Windows

>Remove video card, clean thoroughly, install and make sure all connections are secure.

>SFC /scannow

I have the latest BIOS and I have had it for quite some time with no issue. This problem began overnight while my PC had been left on, I do not know why. I had not installed any software in the past 3 days prior to this happening. I have done a full virus/malware scan, and I had no results. My PC is not overheating
( nor does it when this error occurs. I have not been able to play any games since this has happened, this error happens reliably.

My system specs:

>AMD FX-4100 ~3.6GHz

>XFX AMD Radeon 7870 DD

>Corsair TX650

>1TB Western Digital Caviar Black


>Windows 7

I have no idea why this is happening, or how it started, I have no idea what to do from here, ANY help would be appreciated, thank you.
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  1. Did your card come pre-overclocked?
  2. Sczw said:
    Did your card come pre-overclocked?

    I believe so, yes.
  3. Best answer
    Try lowering the core clock and the memory clock.
  4. Sczw said:
    Try lowering the core clock and the memory clock.

    To what? I have no experience with overclocking, I just found out that my GPU came overclocked a few days ago when I opened Catalyst.
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