AMD 6350 max temp 52 C

I am attempting to overclock my AMD 6350 but even after I raise the voltage (1.5 volts) the temperature will not go over 52 degrees and I am not sure why. Also I am aware that it is not good for cpus to get to hot (anything above 60 is not recommended on my cpu) but I would rather not be limited by cpu/motherboard or at the very least have some idea why the temperature won't go any higher.
cpu: AMD 6350
mobo: MSI 970A-G46 AM3+
cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
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    depends on how much of an overclock you are pushing. my old phenom doesnt get above 55c and ive ocd from 2.3ghz to 2.9ghz. also what are you using to measure this an idle temp or under a load? you also should run a stress test with a program like ocz to determine how stable your oc is. little more info will help give you the answer you need here.
  2. That's a really good temp in overclocking mode..
    Nothing have to worry.
    Low temp means your cooler is good enough to handle the heat..

    Meanwhile, every where all the people complain that their processor is getting to hot while overclocking, right..? :D

    i've run my 1090T at 4.2 Ghz (1.5v) and cooled with frio original, it's never exceed 48'c in full stress mode..
  3. I have been using AMD since the 486 days. There was no thermal throttle if it got too hot it would catch the board on fire. ahh the good old days. I would not go over 60C its OK for a short time but over the long haul you will start to break it down over time.
  4. i had this same problem with my msi p23, i pushed my 4170 to 5.1 with this same cooler and it wouldnt go over 32C , yet comp would shut down from overheat, after lots of reading, i found that the sensors on msi boards dont always register correctly in speedfan and hwmonitor, and the NB was what was overheating, so i did lots more researching, and decided msi FX boards just dont do well with NB heat so i replaced with an asus and havnt had any problems, (also switched to a 6350 as my 4170 lost a pin in the transfer) at 4.5 multiplyer only overclock it's showing 50C with P95 runnin
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