what kind of cooling kit should i get for this pc

hello i live in Egypt, i bought my pc from some pc store and they lied to me dunno why... saying that thermal-take lvl 10gt "my case" is not designed for water cooling systems i was like "okay" i thought fans would do the trick but no. i burned many fans with my ignorance in attempt to over-clock my pc to some above normal degree..
that was like 1 year ago, i got busy with life and gave up on overclocking

recently i found some article about liquid cooling and i found my friggin rig with water cooling installed in it but i couldn't get any info about that kit

overwhelmed with happiness i went to look in every store nearby but no luck nobody have any liquid cooling kit that can be installed in my case "they said"

so what kind of water cooling kits that fits in this case i'm gonna try and buy it online

pc spec:
- i7 3820
- 16gb ram corsair vengeance
- radeon hd 6990 4gb
- asus rampage iv formula

i want to install water cooling for both processor and VGA and if possible for ram as well... any information is appreciated.
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    Since you have a Thermaltake Level 10, I would suggest this cooling system, you will have to buy a separate waterblock for your vga to add to the water loop.
    Have a look at this link , it has the Thermaltake Big water system which is easy to install with your case , the pump and reservoir fit into the front bays of your tower.
    This would be the easiest option for you. You can always order it from ebay if you can't get it locally.
    Hope this helps.
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