pls help me im a girl i dont know about this stuff ;_;

im looking for a cheap gaming pc that can run games like bf3 far cry 2 and league of legends on medium to high quality on high resolution. i was looking at this pc and wondeing if it would work -

pls let me know what you think ;-)
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  1. You will get low to medium play rates on that pc without a discreet gpu But can you convert that to us dollars?
  2. $635 :-)
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    iTS NOT A BAD SYSTEM AS THE SITE SAYS YOU NEED TO BUY WINDOWS TO RUN THOSE games unless your going Linux with it but one thing I seen was its only 1600 ram specs and the apu love the fastest ram speeds available but other then that enjoy.
  4. ok thanks :D
  5. Your so welcome and thank you Hope you enjoy your system if you choose to order it and have a great day night ect. always think of us at toms we are always here to help you with any problems issue questions you may need answered.
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