What are some good laptops or ultrabooks out there that have 802.11abgn? PLZ help its for school!! THX ;)

:bounce:I need a good laptop but also has the 802.11abgn wireless networking. Its really hard to fing ne plz help!!!:D:??:
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  1. What is your budget and how big of a screen size do you need.

    All come with wireless, but do you really need 802.11a and b wireless? They are not used much anymore.
  2. well about maybe $700-$1200 ad doesn't matter about screensize.
    Need it because our school only has 802.11a access points so yeh...
  3. and Real beast since our an ASUS due preferably a ASUS maybe if thats ok.... if not its still fine.
    PS. Thx for ur time!!! :)
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    Then what you need to do is pick out the ASUS model that has all the features that you want -- forget about the a wireless for that choice. Then add an inexpensive 5GHz wireless USB adapter like THIS ONE that will work on a 802.11a network -- the key is that the USB adapter work at 5GHz, which is the a band, then check that it also does a band.

    You do not want to try and get laptop just based on getting a since it will not have everything else that you want -- so get what you want plus the adapter.
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