Looking for a second opinion on a possible graphics card failure

Hello all, recently (and by that I mean the last two months) I've been experiencing repeated driver crashes in Smite and Company of Heroes...the game will freeze, the screen will go black and then a little error will pop up on my desktop saying "driver yadi yadi yada has crashed and recovered". Now a quick google search showed that this is a common issue so I naturally assumed it was a software issue probably due to crappy drivers, but I've used the latest and the oldest drivers available to no effect, with and without the latest windows updates. I've even reinstalled Windows 7 in this time due to a separate issue, to no avail.

This issue seemed to get progressively started with occasional crashes in smite, then crashes in both smite and COH and now adays the crash begins as repeated freezing, black screen, game coming back up and functioning for a second, repeat a few times before the game crashes for good.

My card is a GeForce 285M and after tinkering with all the software solutions I could find I went to the laptops manufacturer, Malibal for their opinion.

The tech support over there pretty promptly judged that my issue was a bad graphics card. After hearing that I decided to try a few hardware related tests...I tested the ram with MemTest and the cpu with prime95, things seemed to check out.

I also downloaded FurMark...I was expecting the card to crash during the tests but it didn't...though the ultimate score given to my card was about 200 points below the given benchmarks for what I think was my card...its difficult to say because the version they listed might have been the desktop card...

Anyway, at this point, I just want to get some good input from someone else; does this sound like indeed the graphics card is failing?

Are there any other possible issues/solutions I should look for before I act on the assumption that its a broken card?

I'm prepared to go for the Nuclear option any day now, that is, baking the card and hoping for the best. Fortunately, my laptop's card is easily replaceable because it's pretty high end and I will gladly shell out 200$ for another two years of gaming via a new card, I just want to be absolutely certain before I do!

PS. I've heard that a faulty power supply could possibly be to blame in a situation like this. Thoughts?
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    It migth be a driver issue, it hapened to my gpu before. But im using amd gpu. i changed the driver, and i personalise windows 7 basic. before i did that. i went to safe mode first to uninstall the old driver from device manager and delete the remaining amd folders. then went through normal windows and install new driver which came from manufacturer(ASUS support) website. Now everything is ok. no more "driver yadi yadi yada has crashed and recovered" :)
  2. Thanks for the response Rudlan but as I see it it is almost certainly not a driver issue...I have rolled back to the drivers I had when the computer was fully functional, and I mean after reinstalling the OS so a serious clean sweep...
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