Updated windows 7 to windows 8. Now I have random issues with NTFS permissions

I have administrator rights, however I cannot write files to C drive (have to confirm each time that I am the administrator), install programs properly etc. It is not working even if I run installers via cmd with elevated privileges. I tried to apply "take ownership hack" to the entire C drive, but it did not solve the issue. I really don't want to reinstall OS and all the programs, is there any solution which will reset NTFS permissions to the default and secure state?? Help
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  1. Sounds like UAC was turned back on during the upgrade? Even if you do turn it off again, some folders will still prompt for confirmation when you copy files to them. For example, the root of the C drive, the Windows directory, both (if you are running a 64 bit version) Program Files folders, etc...
  2. Yes, UAC was turned off in Windows 7 and turned back for Windows 8. I switched it off again. How can I fix the issue? For example I cannot install google SDK and drivers for my smartphone. Even if I confirm coping to C the installation fails with different errors
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