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Alright because in my previous post things got a little bit confused and i got no answers i decided to make another one.My current pc is (CPU: Intel core 2 duo 6700 2.66 GHZ,GPU: ATI RADEON X1950,Motherboard: MSi P6N nFORCE 680i,PSU :THERMALTAKE 750W,Case: ThermalTake Armor VA8000BWS ) Now i chose LGA 1155 Intel core i5 3350P as a CPU and i need your help to chose a GPU and a Motherboard.My priority is gaming so i need best performance for the money .

Budget : 340$

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  1. asus p8z77-m pro will fit for you for $130,and evga gtx650 ti boost 1gb 192bit for $149

    check this benchmark
  2. Better options


    MSI CSM-B75MA-P45 LGA 1155 $69.99

    This motherboard gives you the ability to run the CPU at turbo speeds full time, it is also very cheap and does everything a single card Gamer could want.

    GPU MSI N670 PE 2GD5/OC

    $339.98 total

    if you want the price of 340 to include taxes I suggest getting a GTX 760
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    The i5-3350P is LGA 1155 and won't work with a Z87 board.

    Get something like this instead

    Total $340 after rebate.

    Everything in that chart outperforms the 650 Ti Boost.
  4. Thanks for ur time i think i made my mind and i'll go with the asROCK motherboard + gtx670
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