Can you replace the radiator fan on a closed-loop CPU cooler?

Just curious if it's possible to do this? The exhaust fan on my Asetek radiator has a broken blade and makes an extremely annoying sound when running.Ideally I'd like to just remove the 120mm fan that's in there and pop in a new one but I have no idea if that's even possible.Temps are still great for such a basic cooler but I would feel better if that darn fan worked and I'm waiting a few more months to upgrade.

Also...will modifying the blades in any way completely throw off the fan?
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  1. Yes I believe you can.. I'm not sure about the screws but I've known people to replace or upgrade the fans with a fan of the same size.
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    Just make sure you get a fan with high static pressure. (Not just high CFM)

    The fans with high static pressure are able to maintain their CFM through resistance. (like a radiator)
  3. Awesome, thanks for your answers :)
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