How do I find what chipset driver I have installed?


How can I determine what chipset driver I currently have installed? I just updated my chipset driver but I want to make sure it installed correctly.


Windows 8.1 64bit

Asus P8Z77-V LK motherboard.

Let me know if you need any more information about my system.

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  1. I have the same board at home and could look up the version for you. Did Asus ever fix the auto detect feature for that board? Mine would take me to the P8Z77-V (non LK version) and it would act like it installed and then not do so, I didn't notice it until I tried to use it to update my bios. Make sure it's pulling the LK version info, and if so it should update properly. If its pulling the Non LK it won't.
  2. Are you talking about the EZ update that comes with AI Suite II? Everytime I check to see if there are updates through that feature, it always tells me everything is up to date. This was not the case over the weekend. My chipset drivers were not up to date with the ASUS website. And after I installed the updates from the ASUS website, my computer was sending me messages from the Action Center about me not having any chipset drivers installed.

    I had to reinstall Intel Smart Connect Technology for my computer to realize I had a chipset driver installed.

    Now I just want to find out what driver version I actually have installed. I am not sure where to look for that though. I am thinking "regedit" but I don't know where to look in there ha!
  3. I dont' know where to look in Win8 as I despise it so I can't help there... No I meant on the Asus site where you get the drivers, if you let it auto detect your board does it pull the drivers/bios for the LK model or just the V model. If you manually searched for it you're fine (might run the install again and see if that worked) but if you let the site detect your board it might not have found the right drivers and could have caused that issue. I did send a ticket to ASUS when I found the bug but they never responded so I don't know if they fixed it or not.
  4. Oh yes. I was just playing around on the ASUS website and I found what you were talking about. I did the auto detect and it took me to the P8Z77-V driver page. So they have not fixed it yet.

    Could you answer this question then? Do I need to insall every chipset driver from the start? Or just pick the latest one?

    The only confusing thing on the ASUS website is that there are two drivers with the same version number. One takes up slightly more memory than the other. The dates that they were released are also different.

    Here is a link if you want to look at it in person.!downloads/c1wax

    Hopefully the link works.

    Nope the link does not work! Thats rather annoying.
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    You don't need to install them all from the beginning, just the most recent one. I remember their being two with teh same version number myself I don't know which one I used, I think I picked the bigger one, but thats not 100% clear to me anymore. Try one, see if it fixes the issue. Make sure you are on the LK version Page before you install anything :)
  6. I will try out the larger version one and see what happens. I figured it is just the latest version, I just wanted to double check ;)

    To be honest I didn't even know about that auto detect feature. It doesn't matter though since it doesn't work haha.

    Thanks for your help!
  7. no problem, hopefully that straightens you out...I always look for the auto detect stuff as it usually makes life easier, just not in this particular case, was a pain in my arse. If that gets you fixed up feel free to close the thread, if not hopefully I"ll be around some to try and help you out.
  8. Hello again,

    I installed both chipset drivers to compare. The smaller chipset package seemed to fix the problem with windows not detecting any chipset drivers.

    However, the larger similar chipset driver does the same thing accept it added a new program to my computer. It added the Intel Control Center which basically makes it easy to manage the other drivers provided by intel. Which are the HD 4000 integrated graphics and the intel rapid storage program.

    Sorry for the long description but you never know if that info will help someone else out.

    So a kept the larger chipset driver version. Everything seems to be ok :)

    I just wish I new where to look in this computer to find the installed driver version of the chipset just to double check.

    Thanks again Supahos.
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