AMD Quad-Core A8-4500M (1.9 [2.8ghz]) CPU or Intel i3-3110 (2.4ghz) CPU for budget gaming laptop?

Hey Guys.
So I'm looking to buy a new laptop. I'm very into gaming (Minecraft) and plan to expand my interests into other games such as Skyrim.

I have a problem. I'm intelligent when it comes to computers and such, but not enough to make this decision without your help.

Here's the two laptops I'm considering or .

One has AMD Quad Core A8-4500m 1.9ghz (Can be up to 2.8ghz with Turbo Core) and 4gb RAM. The other is Intel Core i3-3110m 2.4ghz with 8gb RAM. I need help deciding which would be best for gaming. I'm aware that neither of them are great, but with a budget of €500, or $675 it's the best I can do. And things such as laptops and hardware are very expensive in Ireland, I'm aware that with the budget I could build a fantastic one, but I'm playing it safe. Thanks for the help :D
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  1. Thanks, but that exceeds my budget by alot
  2. Best answer
    It seems the i3 version does not come with a discrete video card so the A8 is better for gaming by a long shot.
  3. A8 would be better for light gaming.
    i3 is better for general computing.
  4. and is additional RAM required? :D Thanks btw
  5. I would bump it up to 8gb of ram if you can.
  6. Okay, i have an additional 4GB SODIMM stick in mind, is it hard to install?
  7. Not difficult to install at all.
  8. You're right, just modified the RAM in my old laptop. Thanks guys :)
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