Is my CPU temp alright?

I'm running a 3570k overclocked at 4.4GHz with an NZXT Kraken x60 cooler. An 8 hour OCCT test recorded a maximum temp of 70C and I believe around 1.120V. It never reaches this temp while gaming, the highest I've seen then (playing BF4 or Tomb Raider) is right at 60. Usually mid 50's with idle in upper 30's. These temps seem alright?

Note: I have also ran some Prime95 test with no issues, however no extended tests (8+ hrs)
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    Anything below 75C on an Intel processor should be ok for long duration running.
  2. Thanks guys.

    @kristian: That's awesome! maybe I should mess with it a little more and see what she can do :)
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