What is the best tv to use for an office that needs to connect wirelessly?

I am trying to set up a flat screen in the office to use during meetings and need to pull up emails and websites. Which flatscreen tv's so this?
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  1. in an office scenario typically the tv is connected to either a pc tower or a client which is connected to the office network.

    a tv by itself is not able to open up outlook and display emails. some can surf the web however they are not very good at this task.

    any television would work as long as it has a hdmi input or whatever output the pc or client device has.


    a client is essentially a box which networks to a main computer somewhere in the office which does all of the processing. in retail stores this is just a powerful computer however in some large offices this is a type of supercomputer.

    in most cases however offices use computer towers.

    for email and websites you could get away with a mini tower pc with rather low end hardware. or someone can hook up a laptop.

    if you need access to 3d or fancy software (like my company did... we needed to freely display 3d models) you ned a more powerful deskop. however this doesnt appear to be the case for you so a small mini tower pc or someone hooking up a laptop would work fine.
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