700w enough for msi gtx 670 pe

I just installed my new msi gts 670pe but when I try to turn it on, it shuts off after like 20 secs, will I need a new power supply? I have a 700w cooler master extreme power plus
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  1. Yes, that's absolutely enough power. More than enough even. I have a 650W for my 670 and it works great.
    You might have a defective PSU or GPU, either is possible.
    Make sure your PSU is plugged firmly into your wall outlet and all the cables in your case are in properly. If nothing works I'd suggest doing an RMA on your PSU.
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    that is a horrible PSU the CM eXtreme power plus series have all been fails at delivering its "rated" power - notice that is is labeled 700 but not 700 watts on the side?

    a review of the 600 - that is the same OEM:

    it could only put out 450 watts; i had the exact same PSU as you and once i saw that - i got a antec neo eco 620.
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