Ivybridge i5 3570k z77 or Haswell i5 4670k z87

I am well overdue a system upgrade, I also can't hold on for the Broadwell as that has been pushed back.

So that leaves me looking at Haswell and Ivybridge.

I have already discounted going i7, for what I am planning (gaming and home office and odd DVD authoring) but want the flexibility of the clock-unlocked CPU's.

It is unlikely I will be upgrading again for the 3-5 years, and by that time it is likely that both chipsets will no longer be an option anyway.

With that in mind, and considering budget, I am leaning towards the IB/z77. But what is confusing me is whether the z87 will offer any features in that time frame that the z77 can't. And whether that would be worth the extra spend right now.
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    Honestly I would go Haswell if I built a system today. When haswell launched it seemed to almost be identical to ivy in performance, but as you start to see newer games (look at benchmarks for BF4) the difference is starting to look a bit bigger to me. There are opinions both ways, but I think I would build teh haswell rig.
  2. General rule of thumb is, if you already have an existing Z77 motherboard, the most logical answer is to go with the i5-3570k. But if you're needing to buy both the MB/CPU, Haswell is the clear choice.
  3. Cheers guys.

    Based on that, and another look at the prices, I think the minimal difference is worth the Haswell Plunge.
  4. Cheers mate, enjoy your new rig!
  5. Supahos said:
    Cheers mate, enjoy your new rig!

    Tell me what you think here:
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