Is a 650 Watt power supply sufficient?

Hi. So I'll be getting a GTX 670 card soon, and I'm wondering if my Antec 650W PSU will be sufficient or should I upgrade for a better one and if so how much Watt should I get?

PC specs are:
Intel Q6600 Quad core 2.40 gHz
8 Gigs of ddr2 Ram
One 320gig Hard drive and 1TB Hard drive
(And a future GTX 670)

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  1. Yeah its okay.
    Antec 650W PSU will be sufficient.
    GTX 670 requires minimum 500W PSU in system and Q6600 requires 105W power supply.
    Antec is good when it comes to PSU and 650W will be enough.
  2. simple googling for Computer Watt calculator would been easier then posting here . figures ALL components then determines if your specific configuration is going to use alot of power.

    IMHO I think your wasting your money. Your running DDR2 RAM (very slow) on a Q6600 which was a low end CPU back introduced in 2006 (now making it nearly 8 years old in a few weeks), that will all keep your system way underperforming no matter if you get a brand new 260 or a old 670 (I am running a 670M).

    As the holidays are here deals are easy to be found, your best way to maximize money would be to invest in a i5 desktop computer for only $349 at Walmart, upgrade it with the 650W power supply, and then invest as much as you can afford into any video card you want. You will then have a system that will last you the next 5 years, and be able to play High graphics levels today and the future. BTW that Walmart computer comes with a large HDD, 6-8GB of DDR3 Ram, new keyboard mouse and sometimes a free LCD in the box.
  3. yes thats more than sufficient sir. 650 watts is good.
  4. You will have a significant CPU bottleneck if you run a 670 with a Q6600
  5. We'll he can get a 670 and overclock
  6. Best answer
    Thanks everyone for the replies. I think I'll just look into getting a new PC and I'll get my boyfriend to help me build one. Thank you.
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