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How can I fix windows 7 problem, that happens consistently within seconds to several minutes. The message states - checking network connection configuration - adapter 14 problem - then states no network gateway available - status "fixed" and it might last a min or two. then I start the troubleshooter all over again to fix it, I do this numerous times , every time I use the net. Is there any fixes available? Windows states that the network adapter driver is working and up-to-date. Is there a fix available for a free download, Please Help.
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  1. So, the first thing to try is to see if this occurs under wireless only or when wired too.
    Try uninstalling your Network Card, then download the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website (be it HP, Dell, ect).
    Sounds like windows is loosing connectivity with the wifi card, but try that first.

    is this a desktop or a laptop?
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