Display driver AMD stopped responding and has recovered

While playing the game Rust (a game in Alpha stage), the game freezes, my screen turns black and then it comes back with a message bottom right, saying that "Display driver AMD stopped responding and has recovered". It's even got to the extent where it has crashed 3 times in less than a minute. I'm pretty sure idle 60 degrees and max load 85 degrees is satisfactory.
The drivers have all sweeped and reinstalled updated etc in a million different fashions. Is there anything obvious that suggests my graphics card is broken or would it seem the game is causing the issue? I haven't a huge amount of time for playing a range of games to test it.
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  1. Since the game is in alpha the game engine may have issues with graphics drivers. You could install different drivers; older or newer. You should also check out the forum if anyone is experiencing the same issues.

    If you have an older card maybe it is starting to fail, try lowering the core speeds is a little at a time to see if that helps. It would try something "substantial" like dropping the clock speeds 200MHz. If it runs fine, then bump up by say 50MHz to see if it is stable. If so then bump up again by another 50MHz.

    Remember it is an alpha game so there can be plenty of bugs crawling around that is causing the game to crash and may have nothing to do with your GPU.
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