Should I just do a fresh reinstall or should I upgrade the HD

I've got an Asus N53SV-XR1 laptop that came with a Western Digital HD with specs of 640GB, 5400 RPM, 8MB Cache, SATA 3.0Gb/s. The laptop runs somewhat slow for my liking, although I have done multiple thorough scans to ensure that there's no malware or anything else slowing it down. I've also tried to keep the system clean of applications I don't use and regularly run the defrag program. The laptop has 8 GB RAM so that's not a bottleneck at all.

Would it be worth my while to to go ahead and upgrade to a 7200 RPM HD with a larger cache? I'm not certain upgrading to 6.0 Gb/s will make a difference as I don't know that the laptop will be able to utilize the additional speed. Or, will the probable difference in performance between a new HD and the old one not really be worth spending money on? If upgrading wouldn't really be that big of a difference, should I expect a reasonable gain in performance by wiping the HD and doing a fresh OS reinstall?

For the record, I'm not looking to upgrade to an SSD or a hybrid drive at this time, I am thinking strictly upgrading to a 1 TB HD and as mentioned some upgraded specs from what I currently have.
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  1. go head and upgrade to 7200RPM
  2. vishnu39 said:
    go head and upgrade to 7200RPM

    So you think there will be a significant enough performance improvement to justify spending the money on a new HD, right?
  3. no bro but if upgrading doesnt cost you much as you said then its a option, there will be change in data transfer rate which will increase overall performance by a little plus you gain more hard disk space so its a good upgrade if you can afford.Can u pls explain "laptop runs somewhat slow for my liking"
  4. Thanks. I guess what I mean by "slow for my liking" is that it boots up slowly. It takes a few minutes to fully boot up. I've run scans to make sure there's no malware slowing it down and removed a lot of programs from startup. It's nothing that prevents the PC from being used, I just want it to be a bit faster. I know after time a fresh reinstall of Windows can help out but I wasn't sure if I should do that or just go with a fresh hard drive. The computer is a few years old and although I haven't had any problems with bad boot sectors, I also know it's a matter of time until the HD does start to go kaput. I think you've got me persuaded to go with a new drive as you make some good points.

    The bigger issue I will have is convincing the wife to hand over the cash for me to buy a new one. She doesn't quite get technology that well and thinks computers should last an absolute minimum of 5-7 years and that any money spent on upgrading is useless.
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    do a fresh re install bro ,i think thats what u really want
  6. Thanks. I guess it won't hurt to do so and at least see if that helps.
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