Specific RAM/Mobo compatibility question

Looking to increase my system's RAM with a Black Friday deal but I want to make sure it will all work ok.

-My motherboard:
-Current RAM:
-RAM I want to buy:

My questions: will the new RAM be compatible? If so, will I be able to use both kits or just the new kit?

Thank you!
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    your motherboard only supports RAM speeds of 1333 or 1066 unless you are overclocking the memory which I'm not sure your motherboard allows. I see that you currently have DDR3 1600 memory installed, so in all likelyhood, it's running at 1333. The new memory you want is rated at 1866, it may work but not at its rated speed (will probably downclock to match whatever speed the original DDR3 1600 memory is running at) and it is never a good idea to try and run different type memory together.
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