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I just built my first gaming PC about 2 weeks ago. I have saved up about 200 dollars(I am 15) and am wondering what hardware or peripherals I should get next. Right now I use a old (2 years old) pair of sony headphones that have decent audio. Should I get a sound card or a new pair of headphones. Or should i just get a ton of games with the money.
Current Build:
CPU:FX 8320
Motherbaord: Asus m5a97 r2.0
Gpu: Gigabyte r9 280x
Ram: Crucial Ballistix
PSU: Seansonic 620 watt
Case: Define r4
Keyboard: Gigabyte K3
Mouse: Razer Abayssus
Monitor: 24 inch HD TV 1920x1080p
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  1. Do you have SSD's?

    if not i would definitely recommend switching
    to a good sata 6gbs SSD its like black magic
  2. my boot times are not bad though, like 5 seconds.
  3. Best answer
    wow 5 seconds is fast man,

    then yeah you got your rig enjoy it for a while,
    go mad on games.
  4. okay thanks.
  5. This may just be my current ambition adding some bias, but man, with an R9 280 you can easily do 1440p if you got a 1440p monitor. You said you have $200 right now, save up a little more and go for something like this:
  6. 1440p is so overkill. I will add to my steam library.
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